Altai Balance is one of the world's first products designed to target blood sugar and weight control using the power of scientifically researched and natural ingredients around the world

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The Altai Balance - Manage your Sugar level and control your weight

The clinical research is backed by all reputed Association, which make it safe for people to use 

Driven by heavily researched based on carefully selected natural ingredients that leverage the natural properties to create a unique product - Altai Balance 

White mulberry is native to the Altai region. It's shown to help target blood sugar, support healthy cholesterol and inflammation levels, and promote good heart health.They have even been shown to support healthy skin tone and complexion

This delicious fruit, also known as bitter gourd is a powerful detoxifier, it list of benefits include support of healthy sugar level and digestion, and even manage free radical damage! Lots of peoples I know from my village eat or used it raw juice to control their diabetes

Licorice roots has over  300 antioxidants and is not only great for sugar, but supports a healthy immune response, dental health and helps ward off stress and anxiety.

Juniper berries are packed with potent antioxidants and eaten by roman to boost Stamina and strength. It helps to soothe sore joints, detox dangerous particulate matter and of course target blood sugar

The Hindi term for Gymnema  Sylvestre is gurmar, which is translated as sugar destroyer. This is because the Gymnema Sylvestre leaves suppress the taste of sugar by interacting with taste receptors in the tongue.

Banada is abundant in corsolic acid, An antibacterial and anti-viral nutrient that researchers found to target blood sugar glucose and slow the body's breakdown of starches into glucose to maintain steady levels

Taurine is a powerful particulate matter - detoxifying nutrients that supports healthy blood sugar by switching on the energy switch on your cells, rapidly managing healthy mood and vitality

Alpha-Lipoic acid has strong antioxidant properties, it not only support sugar level but can also manager skin aging, promote healthy nerve function and support good memory and concentration level.

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